Bethesda Is Letting Everyone Try Out Fallout 76 For Free Starting December 12

Bethesda Is Letting Everyone Try Out Fallout 76 For Free Starting December 12
Credit: Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

When you think of games that have received mixed reviews as of late, Fallout 76 generally stands out the most. It was supposed to be an amazing post-apocolpytic experience in West Virginia landscapes. Unfortunately, when the game launched in October of last year, it fell short of expectations. There was glitch upon glitch, and even more frustrating, a lack of NPCs. That’s not a winning recipe if you’re Bethesda.

They have since gone on to acknowledge these faults and make improvements where they can. There are still those that have enjoyed their time with this RPG despite its noticeable flaws. There’s also promise in the big NPC update. Bethesda plans on adding NPCs as opposed to being directed by audio logs and robots.

Bethesda has made a lot of changes since launch, and to show off what they’ve worked diligently on, they’re giving gamers the chance to experience Fallout 76 for free. This free trial period starts on December 12 and goes all the way until December 16. That’s four days to see what this game has to offer. There is just one stipulation to this free trial weekend. You need to have either a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership.

If you do, you can experience the latest major update that Bethesda is rolling out on December 10. There are a lot of changes worth mentioning in Update 16. For example, there will be festive-themed events. They seem like the perfect way to get excited about the holidays. A couple of new maps are being added to the battle royale mode as well. Players will be able to choose which level they want to play on in the menu screen before the match, which has been a highly requested feature for a long time now.

It should be mentioned that only the base game will be available during this free trial weekend. Even still, these couple of days are worth marking on your calendar if Fallout 76 has peaked your interests. It’s not the perfect Bethesda game by any means, but there are some fun aspects. This is particularly true if you join a session with a groups of friends and go to take on some of the more difficult bosses.

If you do like what you enjoy during this free trial, you can purchase the game after and still have access to all of your saved data. It will be interesting to see how those who’ve never played the game feel after a more hands-on experience.