Being A Hero Is A 9-5 Job In Heroland, Coming December To Nintendo Switch

Being A Hero Is A 9-5 Job In Heroland, Coming December To Nintendo Switch
Credit: Marvelous via YouTube

Become a hero! Battle monsters, complete quests, rise to the occasion and save the world! Traipse through dungeon after dungeon, recruit allies, decimate foes, becoming ever-stronger along the way.

Just make sure you’re done in time to clock out and collect your paycheck.

Heroland brings a fun, whimsical twist to the RPG genre in a number of ways. For starters, you’re not actually saving the world. Or toppling real giant monsters or completing incredible quests or the like; that’s all fiction.

You’re on an island, in a magical resort where dreams come true, and you’re part of the process to make it happen. A part-timer who helps make a hero out of everyone who walks through the doors.

As a tour guide, you lead guests on an adventure through the “dungeons” at the resort. Form battle strategies, maintain your item count, repair weapons and gear, do what you can to “survive” on this island of dreams.

Knights, thieves, even high school girls make up some of the cast of characters that can join in on the adventure. Battle mascots, broccoli, little slugs, and more, your own coworkers taking the hits to help make dreams become reality. And even though the character roster is roughly 20 strong, there’s only a certain number you can bring per excursion, each with their own skills, playstyle, and attributes to lend to the party.

Heavily inspired by the 16-bit JRPGs of old, Heroland’s art style is just as quirky as its cast. With character models in a 2D style yanked into the 3D world, they bend and twist to and fro, adding a degree of wackiness to the pixels.

Developed by Marvelous, makers of the Harvest Moon series, much of the charm of the classic life sim has carried over into Heroland, chiefly in the form of its engaging and cast. Many faces will pass through the halls of the theme park, each more memorable than the last, and as a part-time hero yourself, making their experiences memorable and enjoyable is just all part of the job.

Heroland comes out on the Nintendo Switch December 3rd, 2019.