Bad News Out Here For Fans Of Survival Games: The Last Of Us: Part II Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

Bad News Out Here For Fans Of Survival Games: The Last Of Us: Part II Has Been Delayed Indefinitely
Credit: Sony

There is bad news, and then there is bad news. Guess which one this falls under? Yep, that’s right. This is great news. At least it is if you happen to be one of the billionaires pukes secretly running the video game industry from the inside without anybody else’s input or anything like that. You see, some people have original ideas and some people just suck. Those of us who suck are permanently stuck on the bottom, sucking up the scraps of the top-feeders, and we will be here for all eternity.

This is a little world we like to call hell-sea. And it is the sea of hell. That is kind of what it is like to live in the universe in the wake of the terrible decision to cut the Last of US II out of the loop. Now we have nothing to look forward to and nothing to give, and this only means we will only live in the land long enough to watch it die. Good luck out there, gamers. You are all going to need it, I can promise you that much at least. Anyway, keep on reading below if you want to find out about the reality of the universe.

There were a few things you need to understand if you wanted to play the game known only as of the Last of Us, and those things were that there was a universe where an apocalypse had happened. This apocalypse was one of the most dangerous things out there, and it was the worst of the worst in terms of qualitative thinkings.

That’s why we all need to play these survival games. It trains the mind. And anything that trains the mind prepares the body for more than what we could ever hope to worth. That’s the truth of the truth if you think about it.

At least, it is if you want to make it to the end of these very awesome post-apocalyptic games we all know and love to play and stuff like that. So there are a few questions still left unanswered and I will here attempt to get at them if we can obey it.

First, what happened? We still aren’t sure. We are waiting on words from the big wigs behind the developers right now. But it seems we will never get the reconciliation and the justice we all deserve. So, at least that much will escape us forever. Good luck to everyone who thinks we need to find more.