Asdivine Kamura Comes To Nintendo Switch Early November

Asdivine Kamura Comes To Nintendo Switch Early November
Credit: Kemco

Originally for iOS and Android, coming soon to Switch is a new addition to the ever-growing library of RPGs. This one in particular is a continuation from the Asdivine series, a new venture called Asdivine Kamura, developed by Kemco.

The story is something of an old classic for the RPG genre; a world in turmoil, a band of friends, lots of magic and fighting, and taking down a super evil overlord.

A being by the name of Zaddes is altering the world, and the Spirit Deity, Shiki has to venture on a quest to recover the Mystic Orbs, and restore the world. But he’s not alone; with a gaggle of female companions, they set off on a perilous quest to restore some semblance of order and defeat Zaddes.

As it was originally a mobile game, it shows in its gameplay; simplistic, with a 3×3 grid style that wouldn’t be out of place on the small screens of smartphones. But battle-wise, there’s a degree of strategy involved that offers Asdivine Kamura some charm, and gets to really spread its wings. Long-ranged moves can break apart enemy formations, and positioning is just a much of a factor as choosing the best spells and skills for the job.

Players will also have to make use of Harbingers, unique support characters that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. But Asdivine Kamura brings another interesting gameplay mechanic to the table.

Bonds between friends and allies play a major part in the game; by strengthening the connections with your teammates, you can reach new, unexplored areas and progress the game even further. Your partners gradually become more than background set pieces or aids in battle. As you go through the story, you’ll learn more and more about them, leading not just to greater battle, but richer story.

All of these accoutrements, and more, such as upgrading weapons and a battle arena, make Asdivine Kamura the biggest Asdivine game in the series to date, and with it coming to Switch on November 7th, it’s possible we could be seeing a renaissance of the series heading into 2019.