Another Hit For Movie And Game Fans: The Uncharted Film’s Release Date Will Be Pushed Back

Another Hit For Movie And Game Fans: The Uncharted Film’s Release Date Will Be Pushed Back
Credit: Uncharted Official Website

One might wonder whether or not Hollywood is officially out of ideas, and if you are wondering this, then you are asking yourself a great question. We do not know for sure, but there are always indications that things are starting to slip over there in the Sunny City. They are always looking for new scripts and new ideas, and companies around the world have tried their best to indulge them.

One big company that jumped into the fray was none other than Sony itself, and these cats have decided to offer up their greatest titles all in an effort to keep the machine going. We will have to keep big eyes on this one because it could end up going anywhere. One of those ideas was none other than their famous Uncharted video game, best known for following a powerful explorer through the world of the unknown.

Hollywood ended up taking the idea with both hands and jumping right in, but will it pay off for them? Well, first, that depends on whether or not you go to the theater to check it out when it eventually comes out.

But before we get to that point, we will need to see if they can even get the dang movie finished in the first place, and it seems the studios have hit a bit of a hiccup because things are already slowing down. So we just got a pretty big announcement that the Uncharted movie will have to slow down its release because certain things are going on with its production process.

What does this mean practically? Well, it is hard to be completely sure. The thing about Hollywood is that they don’t always tell us what is going on under the hood. They don’t tell us this because why would they?

If you had a major problem, you might be embarrassed about it too. But what we do know is that the people behind the Uncharted movie have told us that it will be delayed for a short period of time. So get ready and wait if you happen to be a big, big fan of Sony’s Uncharted.

Before they can start filming, they better find a new director to replace the one they lost. That is always priority number one. How can you film a movie without a director? They are going to have to update all of that good stuff, get out there again, and regroup. Good luck to everyone else. It might be a long while before we end up seeing this movie.