Animal Crossing And DOOM Games Are Releasing Soon, Just In Time For The Pandemic Quarantine

Animal Crossing And DOOM Games Are Releasing Soon, Just In Time For The Pandemic Quarantine
Credit: DOOM Slayers Club Website

On good days, you rarely see two massive powerhouse games coming out during the same week. That is why this is one of the greatest events in all of gaming history, but even if you think about things outside of this narrow way to see this event, then there is a lot to digest here. These bad boys are coming out just in time for one of the worst crises in human history, and we are going to get to use these games to finally get over some of our troubles.

So what are these games? Nothing more than the powerful DOOM and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These games have a lot of things going on, and one of them is the fact that they are out there doing all kinds of things. Whatever your tastes, you will probably wind up one end of the spectrum here: If you love action and all kinds of movement, then DOOM is your ticket. If you like to kick back and RPG it up, then you should get out there and try Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Anyways, there is other good news here for the megafans out there. There are a special group of superfans who will, of course, love both of these titles, and those fans are the real MVPs out there. Congratulations, you might just survive this pandemic after all.

The trick is to get out there and stock up on enough food and stuff to hold out long enough without dying. If you are able to telecommute, then you are going to be absolutely set.

Getting into both of these games will be enough to keep anyone out of harm’s way for long enough to survive in this incredibly dangerous and risky environment. You can spend months just trying to find all of the things going on in the first-person shooter DOOM game, and then you will get to start it all over again in the expansive expansion for the Animal Crossing series, New Horizons.

That is just great news for all of us. Fewer people on the streets means the virus won’t be spreading as fast as we thought it would be at first, which means your grandparents might make it through all of this after all. In the end, it might just be the mega gamers who end up saving the world by staying home and playing video games all day.