An Exceptionally Skilled Elden Ring Player Wins The Game Using Only Their Hands

An Exceptionally Skilled Elden Ring Player Wins The Game Using Only Their Hands
Credit: ign

Using only their bare fists, one Elden Ring player has mastered the game’s combat system and completed the entire game. Elden Ring is a massive game with countless bosses and a wide variety of opponents. Many players settle on a particular weapon from the Elden Ring as part of the character-creation process. Massive weapons like the Dragon Greatclaw and Giant Crusher are preferred by strength-based players, whereas spells and incantations are the main focus of mage classes.

When traversing The Lands Between, nearly all players carry some sort of weapon. Even the legendary Let Me, Solo, Her is notorious for using two katanas and very little protection. Now, one Elden Ring player is going the extra mile by opting out of any weaponry in favor of nothing but their bare fists.

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It took the original poster 58 hours to complete the run, and they’re sad it’s finished. The number of optional bosses encountered during this Elden Ring run was not specified, though. Many people on Twitter wanted to know if GinoMachino used his bare hands to beat Melania, the game’s possibly most demanding boss.

This is because she has strayed from the main storyline and is currently located in a hidden place known as Miquella’s Haligtree. Some viewers wanted them to go through the entire run without taking any damage, while others were interested in a video of the other Elden Ring bosses they faced. However, the Elden Ring subreddit was impressed that the OP beat the game using only their fists.

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There is a mystery around the will to win of Elden Ring athletes like GinoMachino, who manage to do so despite extreme adversity. Alternatively, there are players who, like the Elden Ring enthusiast who possesses 50 Dark Moon Greatswords and has finished Ranni’s quest 50 times, put more emphasis on side quests than on the main story.