The Saint Of Altra Update Is Coming Soon And Will Be Introducing A New Gauss Warframe, This Warframe Will Change The Meta At Super Fast Speeds

Credit: Digital Extremes

In Warframe players tend to lean towards the biggest guns or the biggest armor. The team at Digital Extremes wants to try and change the player’s perspective and give players a chance to play the game in a different style. They are introducing a new Warframe named Gauss who will be the 41rst addition to the game. He is a speed demon with powers that revolve around kinetic motion.

Warframe already has a reputation for being a skill-based game with its fast-paced combat and challenging world bosses. The new Warframe will make the combat even faster as you run around the battlefield zipping through combat and hurting everything in your path.

Gauss can run so fast that it can cross huge expanses in seconds and run on the surface of bodies of water. Its abilities include heat, cold, and electricity so it can ravage enemies. Players will be getting their hands on this new Warframe during cycling release schedules based on the platform they play on.

The last update, The Jovian Concord, included a villain who expanded his sale of black-market technology across the entire Origin System. The popular Disruption mode has expanded due to this advance.

The easy-to-use Look Link and Mod Link chat features will soon be available for console players. It is as simple as selecting your Warframe design or Mod loadout and posting it to the chat so others can see how your build looks and functions.

Outside of the additional content and quality of life updates, the development team has added a mini music game into one of their emotes. If you purchase the Shawzin Emote, you can impress your friends and become one of the Origin System’s most renowned bards. The Shawzin is a guitar-like instrument that gives Tenno a chance to play an instrument next to fellow players.

There is also a set of small updates coming including an Infested Dojo Decoration set where you can decorate your clan Dojo with the Infection faction cosmetics. The Harrow Deluxe Collection will feature a new Deluxe Skin and a matching Armor Set and Weapon Deluxe Skin for Spearguns.

You can also expand your arsenal of Riven Mods. Players can now hold 120 instead of the normal 90. It is only a matter of weeks away for all of these updates, so it is time for new players to learn the ropes and experienced players to check their gear in preparation for the swift combat action of Gauss.