Stadia New Wireless Controller Is The First Google Stadia Product With The Ability To Establish Wireless Connection With PC

Credit: IGN via YouTube

Google Stadia is a gaming system that has made a lot of promises over the last year or so, and those promises might mean a thing here or there. The only way to fully know about what the promises themselves mean is to dive right in and get a grip on it and just think about it here or there in terms of things in the world and all of the rest of it. There is a lot going on there, and it is the kind of thing we have to think about and all the rest of it.

When Google Stadia first released way back when in November the team behind the game was saying things like it would be great and wouldn’t be such a burden and there wouldn’t be any glitches or lagging in the game universe, etc. etc. They released the gaming system or service (or whatever) with a controller that lets you connect with the game and just get at it. The problem was this, however: The controller didn’t really connect with anything wirelessly except for Google products. That’s a big no-no, as anyone in the gaming industry will tell you in an instant.

Keep on reading the stuff written down below if you want to find out more about the crazy adventures of the Google team as they attempted to rectify their errors that led to the release of a faulty and goofy controller.

Well, anyway, there is good news in the world after all. As it turns out, this goofy controller got an update or something and the update allows the player to connect Microsoft PC… wirelessly. That is absolutely correct, folks. Now you can connect to your Microsoft Personal Computer with the Google Stadia controller wirelessly.

Previous to this, players could only connect to the Microsoft Personal Computer by directly connecting a USB to the controller and then also connecting it to what you’d call the USB outlet on the computer itself. That’s a crazy amount of work to be done for people who count themselves as citizens of what one could the “Wireless Generation.” Don’t you think?

Well, good thing anyway. The folks over at Google are going to keep pushing the ball with their crazy employment tests and by giving TED talks every year. Meanwhile, at least they are just now starting to get the whole wireless controller thing down pat. Good luck to everyone else.