Nintendo Switch Shortage Is Being Fueled By Bot Application Buying Up Stock As Soon As It Becomes Available

Credit: Nintendo Switch

For many of us out here, we are just doing out best and trying to make do with what we have and what we need and all of the rest. There is a pandemic going on, and this pandemic is making it difficult for people who want to get some fun time in. So what people are doing is buying their stuff and looking back on it all and trying to make sense of it. Well, what has happened recently is people are trying to buy a Nintendo Switch to be able to have fun while they sit around all day. You might be able to imagine what ended up coming out of this.

That’s right. There are almost no Nintendo Switches available anymore for anyone to get their hands on. On Amazon or at Walmart online or whatever, they are almost all universally sold out. That is right. They are sold out almost everyone. This is just some bad news, and we all know it is bad, but what can we make of it? Well, as it turns out, they are all sold out for a reason. The reason is pretty simple: It is all being done by Robots. No joke.

If this sounds interesting to you, then keep on reading below and we will reveal the secret of how this all works and why it is destroying everything we know and love about the video game purchasing industry (etc.).

So as it turns out, there is a weird little app thing that lets people buy up online stock as soon as it becomes available. The app was originally designed for people who wanted to buy up sneakers as soon as they became available but now it is being used for evil purposes.

This app can just give you that power, and you barely have to have anything to do to get it to activate. So these people who are out here to make a quick buck on the backs of people who want to chill are buying out all of the available stock to then resell it. It is incredibly low.

Here’s the deal, gamers: If you ever wanted to own a Nintendo Switch, then you know it sucks if you can’t get your hands on one. So this is particularly bad news, and we all know it is bad news. But then again, the people who are doing it do not care about you or your fun. So get ready and enjoy all of it as it comes.