EA Servers Are Down – New Content Dropped In FIFA 21 And The Servers Promptly Crash

Credit: Electronic Arts

It’s 6 pm on a Friday. EA drops a huge new promo in FIFA 21, Rulebreakers, featuring cards with boosted stats as part of the Halloween promo event. Before anyone can log in and play the game, the servers promptly go down across Xbox and PS4.

This is the first big crash of FIFA 21 and probably won’t be the last. The error messages vary from player to player, some claiming that the game won’t let them on (at all), and others are getting the “EA Servers Are Down” error message.

One of the most worrying error messages that pop up is that you don’t even own the game at all. This is a bit of a weird one and not one that has come up much before. The message pops up whether you’re on PlayStation or Xbox.

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Restarting your console won’t work, reconnecting to the internet won’t work – the EA servers are down, and not just in FIFA 21. Try and jump into a game of Apex right now and you won’t be able to connect either. People are clearly annoyed. EA is a multi-million dollar company but is well-known for the problems with its servers.

At the time of writing it’s an hour since EA dropped new content in FIFA 21 and the servers are still down across the board. Apparently, the team over at EA is working on it but there haven’t been any other updates as of yet. Stay tuned.