Age of Wonders: Planetfall Now Has The Powerful Tyrannosaurus Update To This Popular Strategy Game

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Now Has The Powerful Tyrannosaurus Update To This Popular Strategy Game
Credit: Paradox Interactive via Youtube

The Tyrannosaurus Update is one of the largest updates to come to Age of Wonders Planetfall as of yet. Triumph has worked hard on trying to craft not only the biggest but the most well-developed patches to their game. It has been crafted based on community input, helping to sharpen the game into something much deeper, clearer, and faster than anything done before.

Age of Wonders Planetfall is a popular strategy game that lets you run and manage your own empire. The game includes an interesting take on battle situations and large scale planetary domination.

There are tons of major changes being made with this update, one of which is the introduction of new game modes. You can enjoy a more relaxed empire-building experience or even go on an all-out warfare rampage against your enemies. There are new intensity controls and a No Colonizer mode presenting a different challenge for event he most advanced player.

In order to make the races feel more defined and different, the update has new short-term bonuses for each race. These bonuses will activate immediately at the start of the game, and a long term bonus will pick up later to help with accomplishing empire goals. Players can also now use tier 2 secret tech units at the start of the game, which adds variety and makes choices a tad more meaningful.

The developers have also improved the game’s tutorial and early campaign maps to add in a better feeling for new players. Now, after completing the tutorial, players can take part in a curated practice game before jumping into the main campaign. Alongside this, tons of balance changes to units, operations, and unit upgrades have been added based on community feedback making the game more well-rounded.

The main purpose of the update was to provide a platform for tons of improvements and making the game a better experience for everyone. The economy has been streamlined, and many of the features removed to help reduce micromanagement so that players can focus on choices that really matter to their empire.

The interface has gone through some changes allowing it to be easier to read with a major update to how maps look. A ton of balance changes, bug fixes, quality-0f-life improvements, and more have been added to make the game the best that it can be.

For more information, you can find full patch notes on the official Age of Wonders: Planetfall website.