Activision Wins Lawsuit Against AM General Over Depictions of Humvees In Original Call Of Duty Game

Activision Wins Lawsuit Against AM General Over Depictions of Humvees In Original Call Of Duty Game
Credit: Call of Duty

Here’s the thing about Activision. It is a powerhouse of a team of developers. Their sole goal in life is to please you, feed you, make you happy. They will do whatever they can to get that coveted win, and they will make it as far as they possibly can just to please and entertain their beloved customers. They are an angel of a force on this earth, and their strengths lie in their ability to please and make whole. So if you wish to know something about their love of power and gaming, then you only need to find your way into one of their games. This time, I am talking about the game known as Call of Duty.

As it turns out, this game has entered the immortal halls of history, the powerhouse of the ticking sense of despair and triumph, and if you have played any of their titles, then you will know exactly why this is the case. But in other words, there is more to it than meets the eye. In the very first Call of Duty game, the folks over at Activision ended up using a vehicle commonly known only as a Humvee, which is actually slang coming from the military HMMWV (High-Mobility Multiple-Wheeled Vehicle). Well, guess what happened next?

To find out, you will need to keep on reading the rest. But it is well worth knowing the kind of universe we find ourselves in every day and the way it all changes and develops over time. It is not exactly what you think or imagines it to be. In fact, there is a whole lot there to comprehend, digest, and understand.

Anyway, what you will discover if you look deeply enough is that the folks who manufacture the Humvee, also known only as AM General, tried to file a lawsuit against Activision because the vehicles resembled Humvees in the game.

This is exactly why they say, “War is a racket.” These people were attempting to scrap a bit of cash off the top just because the folks at Activision were creating a vehicle that is commonly known to be used in war. Well, guess what happened?

Yes, that is correct. The judge threw the whole case out! He says it is all covered up under the heading of the first amendment. This is a powerhouse decision, and it will not be going away anytime soon. Thanks, Judge!