Activision Seeks Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Player Base For Help Discovering Why Their Game Keeps Crashing

Activision Seeks Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Player Base For Help Discovering Why Their Game Keeps Crashing
Credit: Activision

Since its release, Call of Duty: Warzone has picked up considerable speed in the world of Battle Royales. In a franchise that many were beginning to declare dead after the sudden drop in popularity of massive titles like PUBG and Apex Legends, there was quite a bit of hesitance around this title from everyone that wasn’t a massive fan of the Call of Duty franchise.

Still, Activision have found a great amount of popularity with their title, but that doesn’t mean that it’s without flaws. On the contrary, there are flaws aplenty, and Activision themselves took to Twitter to ask for the player base to help them try and discover the reason behind constant crashes in the PC version.

We’ve placed their call for help below, which some have used as a platform to criticize the publishers or take the chance to air other grievances. In the form, Activision asks six simple questions.

The first is what the reporter’s Battle Tag or Activision ID is, and then they’re asked to select their experiences from a drop-down menu that includes options like crash, freeze, black screen, issues with social features or crossplay, mouse input lag, and the like. After that, players are asked to name when the issue occurred with the choices of during boot-up, while navigating the game, during matchmaking or while in a game’s lobby.

The fourth question is how often the issues occur with reporters given a box to fulfill that question however the like, with the fifth asking how long the reporter was playing before receiving the issue. Finally, Activision asks if there were any error codes displayed, and what they were.

It’s certainly a decently effective way of Activision getting the feedback they need to hopefully fix their title, but it’s a bit alarming that they have to ask players to fill out a separate questionnaire. If there’s one thing the internet knows, it’s how to sabotage and mess with online polls, as Boaty McBoatface could attest to.

Still more alarming is that this game isn’t early access. Warzone is an installment in a massive and illustrious franchise being developed and published by some of the most notable names in the gaming industry. Granted, it is free to play, but is that an excuse for a game to be a buggy mess?

Other issues that gamers have complained about is the rampant hacking, with one Twitter user taking the time to note that they’ve been killed by hackers more in one weekend than in 11,000 Fortnite matches. While we can’t speak to the accuracy of their statement, we can certainly speak to the masses of players that are complaining over the considerably high number of hackers.

Either way, one would hope that this survey gives Activision and their developers all the information needed to get the game in a fully playable state for everyone on PC.