A Modder Has Created A New Easy Mode For Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice; Is Much More Forgiving For Casual Gamers

A Modder Has Created A New Easy Mode For Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice; Is Much More Forgiving For Casual Gamers
Credit: Tender Box via YouTube

When Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice first hit the market in March, there were plenty of mixed reviews. On one hand, the game is extremely beautiful with addicting combat. On the other, the difficulty is pretty insane. There are instances when you can do no right, regardless of how much experience you have playing the game.

What’s even more frustrating is you can’t change the difficulty. It’s stuck the way it is, forcing gamers into a lot of frustrating moments at times. This design is pretty true of most FromSoftware games. The added difficulty is pretty rewarding when you get past parts you were stuck at, but for casuals, all they experience is frustration.

Fortunately, the modding community is always ready to answer the call when games need adjustments. A modder has recently created a new difficulty setting for the game, in what he’s calling ‘Sekiro the Easy’. This modder — referred to as Tender Box — has made Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a much more forgiving game. This is music to casual gamers’ ears. So what does this mod do and does it actually make this game easier to play? Let’s take a deeper look.

First and foremost, the mod now gives Sekiro unlimited Spirit Emblems. This means you can use the Shinobi Prosthetic as often as you want. Attack power, defense, and stamina have also been enhanced thanks to this mod, which as you can imagine, makes progressing through this in-depth game much easier overall.

Overall, this mod is great to see. There are so many gamers who’ve stopped playing the game all together because of its difficulty. Having better attributes and special abilities thanks to this mod lets you truly take in the amazing work that was achieved in this game.

You don’t have to fear running into an overly powerful boss. You’ll still need to use effective countering and attack maneuvers, but for the most part, you can feel confident knowing you’ll be victorious in each battle. Even if you like difficult games, this mod will certainly come in handy. You can play through the game using this easy mod and then switch back to the standard settings once you feel more comfortable.

Time and time again, the modding community does some amazing work. This latest mod is just a testament to the creativity and passion that modders have for great games today. If you want to check this mod out for yourself, all you have to do is head on over to Nexus Mods.