A Bored Developer Just Fixed The Xbox Game Pass And Origin Access UI With A Simple Website

A Bored Developer Just Fixed The Xbox Game Pass And Origin Access UI With A Simple Website
Credit: JustPlayPC via www.JustPlayPC,com

It’s always fascinating to watch massive studios stumble over themselves as they attempt to make a type of UI that’s usable; somehow billions in profit doesn’t necessarily mean that these titans of industry can develop a usable interface.  The Xbox Game Pass is a fantastic PC addition; many games can be played for a low monthly cost, and players can freely explore to their heart’s content.  The exploration part is necessary, as the UI is atrociously difficult to work through to find the titles that you’re interested in.

Admittedly, it’s a difficult sight to behold; players either know the games that are in the package already, or they’re faced with searching the titles in search engines (apparently there are more than one) and trying to separate the metaphorical wheat from the chaff.

Xbox Game Pass UI via /u/edu_sysadmin via Reddit

Origin isn’t exactly too friendly either, with multiple clicks necessary to figure out which titles are actually worth playing; barring yet another search, users need to install entire titles to explore them, and that takes a good bit of time just to find out that the game is offered freely for a reason.

Ubisoft isn’t exactly turning heads with their Uplay+, either.


Enter some entity that appears to be a system administrator with a bit of extra time on their hands; a user going by the name of /u/edu_sysadmin on Reddit has pieced together a web page that scrapes information from Origin, Xbox Game Pass, and Uplay+ to offer a massive database or searchable titles.  Included is their current Steam review rating, their Metacritic rating, and the service that offers the game for free (of the three previously stated services, with both Origin tiers).

Beyond listing the available titles in an easy to parse format (who would have thought of doing that), users can also select which services they own.  If you only have Xbox Game Pass, you can only browse the titles available via that pass.  The same is also true for other services.  Additionally, you can sort the titles by release date, their ratings, or the most recent additions to the various services.

It somehow gets better; there aren’t any advertisements, you don’t need to make a username and password, and they aren’t asking for an email address.Baffling how a simple service done well can somehow surpass the millions that game publishers are able to offer.

You can check the service out for yourself at www.JustPlayPC.com, and marvel in all of its functional glory.