10 Chambers Collective’s GTFO Gets Massive New Update To Close Out March

10 Chambers Collective’s GTFO Gets Massive New Update To Close Out March
Credit: 10 Chambers Collective via YouTube

10 Chambers Collective have announced a huge patch for their horrific FPS, GTFO. The patch will be here to close out the month and adds a great amount of content. We’ve mentioned the patch previously, but now we’re here to give you a deep dive into what exactly 10 Chambers has decided to add to the game.

GTFO is still in early access, which is good and bad – it’s a shame it isn’t finished, but the good news is that it gets new content on a fairly regular basis. While 10 Chambers works towards getting the title to a ready-to-launch state, this patch gives them a great step towards that direction.

The new patch will be called Infection, which sets the theme – though 10 Chambers hasn’t said anything about what that might mean. Perhaps there’s going to be some fun zombie action, given that the majority of the game takes place among the slaughtered and butchered corpses of the staff of the facility you’re diving into?

There are a handful of tweaks to welcome into the game, many of which were needed. They’ll be improving weapon sounds and improving the ways that liquids behave on screen to enhance both the audio and visual elements of the game.

Into the content, we have two new weapons coming. Players will now be able to brave the rundown armed with a machine pistol and a burst rifle to fill out some gaps in firepower. They’ll be taking these new firearms to take down new enemies, though 10 Chambers hasn’t given us a direct look at exactly what these new enemies will be – again, though, the smart money is betting on enemies that play off of the infection theme.

Additionally, players will have new objectives to complete in an entirely new environment, the Dig Site. This will include ten new expeditions as well, combined with a new system called Warden Restriction. With Warden Restriction, the community will be able to help each other unlock the final expeditions of the rundown.

Finally, this patch will also include a completely new rundown. This is part of 10 Chambers’ early access plan where they’re regularly replacing old content with the new to allow content its proper time to shine, as well as helping to push traffic towards newer content. Most importantly, though, this means you have until the patch’s release to complete the current rundown if you haven’t yet, so make sure you get down there and complete your tasks!

The new Infection patch will release on March 31st as the month closes out. With all of the new content coming, it’s a great time to support the title if you’ve been on the fence about purchasing it yet! While it’s still very much an early access title, there’s a good amount of great content that still shines brightly in the dark, dark depths of the underground.